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Daiwa Dragger SX Shore Game Rod

Daiwa Dragger SX Shore Game Rod

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Approaching even larger fish with a shore jigging rod that combines realistic lure maneuverability and strong lifting power.

Introducing the DAIWA "DRAGGER" Rock Shore Shore Jigging Rod. The name "DRAGGER" signifies "pulling strongly." In shore jigging, the fighting style involves tightening the drag to its maximum and using the rods action to lift pelagic fish. In this high-stakes fishing scenario, the rod must be an unwavering and trustworthy companion. The DRAGGER series is continuously refined and evolving on the fishing grounds. With this rod in hand, we invite you to confront large fish with all your might.

The flagship "SX" series.
The "SX" series is a high-level rock shore shore jigging rod series designed for anglers seeking large fish. The development concept revolves around two key points. First, it shares similarities with the high-end "BREAKTHROUGH" series. It allows for alluring lure manipulation with jigs and plugs, using minimal force. Second, the "SX" series excels in minimizing angler fatigue by ensuring the rod follows the pull of pelagic fish closely, effectively containing the fishs movements without compromising the drag.

The "SX" series boasts a distinct character from the "BREAKTHROUGH," establishing itself not as a secondary line but as a category of its own within the "SX" realm.



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