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Daiwa OverThere Grande

Daiwa OverThere Grande

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The multi-lure casting rod Over now featuring the new high power series,  the name is Grande which means great and big. Shore jigging and shore plugging models that combine long cast ability to throw large plugs and heavy metal jigs to the sea, Operability to freely control top water plugs and jigs and toughness to float large objects. The main target fish are Kingfish, Tuna, Bonito, Mackerel, Australian Salmon and Tailor.




Grande's concept is a fishing rod that is an extension of the arm
Shore jigging that keeps throwing heavy lures all day long and sometimes confronts rabid pulling targets. The fishing is a comparison of the power of man and fish. How much concentration can you keep throwing and moving the lure in preparation for the blue object that you don't know will pass in front of the first one? How to accept the pull of the fish and take the initiative is the key to the outcome of the catch. This Grande pursues a feeling of use as if it were an extension of the hand. The blanks with few screws that eliminate power loss to the utmost limit provide long-throw ability to smoothly deliver the lure to the desired place in casting, responsiveness that responds smoothly to signal input from the hand in action, and tenacity that can be relied on in fight. Because it reacts smoothly, it is difficult to get tired because it can swing the rod without applying extra force, and in extreme fights, the rod sticks and makes the fish float while suppressing the wear and tear of the angler's physical strength. It realizes the ideal feeling of shore jigging rod, which has never existed in Daiwa before, and is strong even though it can be operated lightly. Over There Grande is a rod that does what the angler wants him to do nd fights alongside the angler.


(1) Long-throw
Sensitivity The blank is designed so that the lure weight is easy to put on and the load moves smoothly. It is attractive that it can be smoothly thrown far from lures in the minimum area of compatible lures to heavy jigs and large plugs. In addition, it is easy to grasp the release point of the cast, so it is easy to continue casting without worrying about fatigue.


(2) Lure Operability
evolved blank design has improved the operability of the lure, and the ability to respond to lures, which is important for calling itself a multi-rod  Over There has been thoroughly refined. Diving pencils significantly eliminate the miss-actions that cause fish to abandon the lure, making it easier to create the ideal bubble mask. The metal jig improves the ease of jigging and makes it jump crisper. By optimizing the tension of the blank, it also corresponds to the minnow, bringing out the more lustrous woven roll. In addition, the reel seat position has been revised so that it is easy to pinch the side, and the balance setting makes the tip feel light, so that it is difficult to get tired even if the lure operation is continued for a long time.

(3) Fish Controllability
Equipped with a medium-elastic viscous blank that minimizes the burden on the angler during extreme fights. The blank, which responds optimally to sudden thrusts and sticks, is not only difficult to be swallowed because it becomes a shock absorber, but also has the power not to step on it and let the fish dive into the roots. This Grande has also revised the shape of the foregrip to a shape that is easy to grip with force, making it easier to keep the position of the rod.


New concept design blank with light polar operability Strong HVF nano plus blank with a balance of lightness and strength is adopted. The tapered design and tension are thoroughly designed to accommodate a wide range of weight lures. We sharpened the grasping and far-reaching cast timings. In addition, the water bite of the plug and the ease of jumping of the jig are also improved. It is easy to make the action you want, and because it is light, it is easy to make small tricks work. In addition, power loss is thoroughly eliminated by X45X wrapped in bias carbon wrapped around the entire body and outermost layer of Blanks. The rod supports the angler with its tenacity. It achieves an exquisite balance that is easy to tame, hard to be hit, and easy for fish to float.

Thread resistant guide setting Pursuit of optimal guide setting by
means of items. The items M (Medium) and MH (Medium Heavy) power, which use thin lines, adopt a K guide that is difficult to thread around. H (heavy) and HH, which often use thick lines of No. 4 or more, adopt MN guides that have little frictional resistance of the line and are easy to fly distance. The size, number, and placement of guides for each item are all thoroughly verified and set up in the field.


BRC Bat with peace of mind It is superior in strength to the
EVA and adopts BRC that is suitable for power fights on the belly. The ring on the BRC is gold for the two-piece model and gunmetal-colored for the three-piece model.




Model Length (m) Sections Folded Length Weight (g) Tip
diameter (mm)
diameter (mm)
PE Line Carbon
100M 3.05 2 157 275 2 14.4 10-40 15-60 1-2 99
100MH 3.05 2 157 300 2 15.4 15-60 20-80 1.5-3 98
106MH 3.2 2 164 308 2 15.4 15-60 20-80 1.5-3 99
99H 2.97 2 153 335 2.4 16.4 20-80 30-100 2-4 99
106H 3.2 2 164 345 2.4 16.4 20-80 30-100 2-4 98
100HH 3.05 2 158 376 2.6 16.4 30-100 40-120 3-5 98
100MH-3 3.05 3 109 300 2.4 15.4 15-60 20-80 1.5-3 99
100H-3 3.05 3 109 340 2.4 16.9 20-80 30-100 2-4 99
100HH-3 3.05 3 109 378 2.6 16.9 30-100 40-120 3-5 99



■X45 Full Shield (=X45 Cobra Shield)
The X45 Full Shield thoroughly eliminates screws that occur during dynamic movements such as casting, action, hooking, and fighting. Nejiri rigidity is dramatically improved by tightening from the outermost effective carbon bias cloth at 45° from the tip of the blank that Nejiri is most likely to occur. Bring out the cast accuracy and the original performance of the rod more than ever.
"High-density HVF carbon", which has reduced the amount of resin and instead increased the density of carbon fiber, is the most suitable material for rods that emphasize stickiness and strength, and by combining Toray Co., Ltd. nanoalloy ® technology with Daiwa's original manufacturing method, it has become possible to further increase strength and weight weight.
Smooth knotted bends achieve ideal tone and power-ups. DAIWA's unique bias structure is adopted for the mating part of the node. Smooth bending of the alignment part is realized, and power, response and sensitivity are improved.


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