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Shimano Ocea Jigger ∞ (Infinity) Slow Pitch Jigging Rod

Shimano Ocea Jigger ∞ (Infinity) Slow Pitch Jigging Rod

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In order to evolve the "operationability of jerk", which is the essence of the jigging rod, the full 1-piece blanks are slim and slow taper. In order to realize a rod that manipulates various invitations with high accuracy based on fall action, it is designed so that the fulcrum of the bend is smoothly shifted to the hand side. In addition, the basic structure spiral X core eliminates the screwing and power loss of slender blanks. In 2020, 5 items of 6 to 10 power models that challenge unexplored bigs and the deep sea have been added. We will take another step towards the extreme of slow jigging.

Available in:

B65-3    Rod Weight-5oz        Jig Weight—120-280g

B63-6    Rod Weight-5.71oz   Jig Weight—180-500g

B61-8    Rod Weight-6.10oz   Jig Weight—230-750g

B61-10  Rod Weight-6.98oz  Jig Weight—300-1200g

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