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Cultiva Jigger Light w/ Wire Core Assist Hooks

Cultiva Jigger Light w/ Wire Core Assist Hooks

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Specially developed for light jigging, the Owner Cultiva JT-23 Jigger Wire Core Assist Hooks are forged with spade end and feature TAFF-WIRE construction. TAFF-WIRE helps create hooks that are smaller in diameter, yet stronger and harder than ever before. The single most important characteristic for hook penetration is the wire diameter. TAFF-WIRE hooks are stronger per wire diameter than any hook on the market. 

Introducing Taff Wire technology, Jigger Light is the lightest and toughest hook specialised for light jigging. It's designed and shaped in the finest detail so the hook will penetrate with the slightest touch on the point. The wire is round where it holds the fish in order to avoid cutting off the skin. And it's flattened where it doesn’t hold the fish for the maximum strength. 


- TAFF Wire Core construction 
- Forged 
- Needle point 
- Spade end 
- Kevlar assist cord 

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