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Shimano Grappler Type C

Shimano Grappler Type C

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Situations change: Fish move up in the water column — potentially boiling on the surface — and jigging rods are no longer the ideal tool for the job. But that's when the Grappler Type C, an offshore casting rod for launching Shimano’s ORCA topwater and subsurface lures to pelagics, gets called into action. Grappler Type C rods utilize Shimano’s highest performing rod blank technologies, Spiral X and Hi-Power X, and are 250% more structurally rigid and 180% less prone to twisting than rods built with standard blank construction. Be prepared for an epic battle with Grappler Type C.

Through its exclusive lightweight structure, Shimano's patented Spiral X construction enhances catching power for anglers. Spiral X construction consists of three layers: a middle layer of vertical fibers as well as inner and outer layers, both comprised of carbon tape that tightly winds the blank diagonally in opposite directions. By using this carbon tape in place of a conventional horizontal fiber sheet, Spiral X achieves enhanced compression rigidity and increased torsional rigidity without adding extra weight. This in turn facilitates instant power transmission for precise casting and fish fighting.

Hi-Power X
Hi-Power X construction uses diagonally-wrapped carbon tape to form an array of "X" shapes on the rod blank's outermost layer. The width of the tape, its winding angle and the part of the rod being wrapped are fine-tuned according to the target fish species. This manufacturing process allows Shimano to adjust these wraps during construction for precise actions, enhanced overall strength and added twist resistance. In short, Hi-Power X construction delivers sharp and crisp rod control for the angler.

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