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Big Hook Guam

Strike Pro Bottle Neck Popper

Strike Pro Bottle Neck Popper

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The Bottle Neck Popper is a floating mega popper for extreme surface fishing for the big game of the sea - tuna, trevally, barracuda etc. Equipped with a special bottom construction for fast catch and more "popping". Equipped with a continuous stainless steel wire for extra durability during long fights with large fish.



  • Length: 180mm/ 7-1/8”
  • Weight: 92g/ 3-1/4oz

These lures do come pre-rigged with VMC Trebles but we do recommend changing out the hooks if you plan to catch larger reef species or pelagic.

*Hook Recommendation*

  • Shout Curve Point 31 Treble 4/0
  • Mustad Kaiju Treble 4/0
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