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Strike Pro Surf Pro Popper

Strike Pro Surf Pro Popper

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This surf plug design made of Japanese Cypresswood and finished in radiant colors.  VMC hooks.  Internally weighted for perfect balance as specified by legendary surfcaster and Cape Cod angler Ron Arra, and designed in conjunction with the Strike Pro engineering and design staff.

This is the ultimate light tackle surface popper because it will attract any size fish, and cast for a long period of time. This lure has a special bottom design for fast rips and greater popping action to attract fish with confidence. Retrieve this lure slow or fast in slack or fast moving currents. It will produce a popping or gurgling sound to attract feeding fish if you employ a twitch or jerk with your rod tip, and then letting the lure pause for a second. Then, give it another pop or two. The fish will soon crash and hit your lure with authority.


  • Length: 145mm/ 5-11/16”
  • Weight: 35g/ 1-1/4oz


These lures do come pre-rigged with VMC Trebles but we do recommend changing out the hooks if you plan to catch larger reef species or pelagic.

*Hook Recommendation*

  • Shout Curve Point 31 Treble 1/0
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