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Big Hook Guam

Strike Pro Wa-Hoo Popper

Strike Pro Wa-Hoo Popper

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Strike Pro Wa-Hoo Popper is a great popping lure for your larger reef species or pelagic.  With its shallower cup, it is much easier to work as it won’t fatigue you as fast, but it will still be able to call up your larger predators from the depths as well.


  • Length: 200mm/ 7-7/8”
  • Weight: 140g/ 5oz

These lures do come pre rigged with VMC trebles but we do recommend changing out the hooks if you plan to target larger reef species.

*Hook Recommendation*

  • Shout! Curve Point 31 4/0-5/0 (depending on water conditions)
  • Mustad Kaiju treble 5/0
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